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Foundation Properties Corporation was formed in 1998 to bind together the collective decades’ rich experience of two senior health care executives. Foundation Properties is a management, development and consulting company specializing in the delivery of senior care services. Foundation Properties meets the needs of the growing market of elderly consumers preferring high-quality tailored services and the senior living movement’s emphasis on “aging in place”. Foundation Properties has dedicated itself to meeting the demands of the growing and discriminating senior population in selected markets.

Since 1978 the principals of Foundation Properties Corporation have been immersed in the senior health care arena. From the development of individual assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and independent living facilities to management and full-responsibility operational control of a national long-term care company, and everything in between, the principals have experienced the cycles of an industry fraught with frustration of trying to help define the array of available services for seniors – seniors who wish to remain independent, those whose health has failed them, those whose families have deserted them, and those who have the ability to purchase any and every service available.

Foundation Properties is built by design – strategically to enter and serve selected markets of the no-longer-active retired, those needing assistance with activities of daily living and those needing skilled nursing care. Several choice markets are being studied as possible candidates for new development and/or management opportunities. The growing senior care market requires experience, commitment and integrity. This team offers that combination of expertise along with a documented record of service.

The desire to serve others generously and well is the bedrock upon which Foundation Properties is formed. Caring for those who are aging requires immense energy from each person involved in the care-giving process – from the family caregiver at home to each person employed in the senior care facility. Efforts should reflect the expectation of excellence at all times. Whether it be the dining experience, the cleanliness of our building, feelings of security, or the process of becoming a resident, we will expend every available resource to assure our clients of our commitment to meet their needs.

Foundation Properties Corporation is a full-service corporate provider to the seniors’ health and housing industry. We have provided our expertise in design, development, acquisition, construction, marketing, financing, and project management in the development of over 5,000 seniors-oriented living and health care units, ranging in value from $2 – $15 million. We offer our services to either non-profit or profit motivated sponsors, on a bundled or unbundled service basis, straight turn-key or a joint venture format, depending upon the goal of the parties involved and the ultimate end-users’ objectives.

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