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Foundation Properties Corporation (FPC) is a young, nimble company with a vision of developing, operating and managing senior care and housing facilities utilizing ethical values and industry expertise. We are committed to conducting our business based on a focused mission and a set of core values that are an integral part of FPC.


The desire to serve others generously and well is the bedrock upon which FPC is built. Business practices reflecting moral and ethical values while respecting the needs of those we serve, is our grounding.


Create and operate senior care facilities where we would want to live and be served.


Our respect for one another motivates us to fully value and foster the dignity and individuality of each resident, family member and caregiver.

We commit to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

Surpassing expectations leads to excellence. We have a commitment to excellence.

An effective exchange of thoughts, ideas, and information leads to solving problems, not just identifying them. We recognize and reward those who do more than is expected.

We feel an obligation to be guardians and good stewards of our residents’ resources, and work diligently to manage the use of the finances, materials, skills and time over which we have responsibility.

Foundation Properties Corporation | 9360 E Central #102 | Wichita, KS 67206
Phone: 316.733.1144 | Fax: 316.733.6386

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