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Management Systems

FPC has developed systems to support facility management and provide information to owners, lenders and others. Although all FPC facilities incorporate the same basic systems design, each facility has specific features that are necessary to adapt to its unique operation. FPC management systems include:

Personnel Policies:

Personnel policies are retained as a “menu” system in computer files. The policies and benefits necessary to recruit and retain good staff are then identified from the menu and incorporated in a Personnel Policies and Benefits manual that is custom designed for each facility.

Residents’ Manual:

The residents’ manual is designed to provide a clear understanding to residents of their rights and the rules and regulations related to their residence at the facility. This manual also includes various states’ “resident rights” regulations as published and required by law.

Residency Agreements:

The rental or occupancy agreement is modified from a core agreement to relate to the services provided at each facility. This agreement is also checked against the requirements of any laws or other agreements that may regulate its content.

Maintenance Programs:

Each facility is required to retain files on all equipment and proper maintenance procedures for that equipment. Building maintenance and housekeeping procedures including frequency are developed and maintained at each facility. Work order forms are recommended but not required at each facility. Preventative maintenance is an absolute.

Financial Systems:

FPC provides a comprehensive chart of accounts and financial systems manual with training to each facility, tailored to specific financial policies and procedures. Foundation managers create the source documents and entries required to create accrual basis statements through a computer service provided by FPC. Each facility creates original records for transmission via batch system to a sophisticated accounting service that produces computerized general ledger and financial statements monthly. The financial statements provide month and year-to-date comparisons to budget that are monitored by the FPC executive staff, and provided quarterly to owners. Semi-annual reports include a written evaluation of progress in the operating plan and any proposed modifications to the budget.

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